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Mictuning Wiring Harness Relay

This is a great relay wiring harness for use with a 600 watt light bar. It comes with a kit that includes a harness and a 60 amp relay. The relay can be accessed from a blue rocker switch area. This harness can supply power to a light bar from an additional 20 amp or so.

Top Mictuning Wiring Harness Relay 2022

This is a great relays wiring harness for those looking for a high-quality led light bar. The harness features a 40-amp relays, making it perfect for use with light bars from other brands. It also on-off switch makes it easy to set up, and it's blue in color for easy on-the-go access.
this is a relay wiring harness for the forty two on-off laser spot light. It includes a rocker switch and a blue2 lead.
this is a greatrelay wiring harness to use on your off road build. It features a great looking andfunctional light bar wiring harness. It has an on-off switch for control and is made of high quality materials.